Transportes & Mobilidade | 4TICKETING Mobility Suite


    For your business

      Ticketing and operation in a configurable, personalized, flexible and integrated way, from service planning to operation monitoring and customer interaction management. Interoperable and hardware independent software, allows less investment and better evolution.
    Key Features
    • Network management, schedules, services
    • Management of entities, drivers, users, vehicles
    • Customer and card management
    • Tariff and product management
    • Management of blacklists, whitelists, authorization, reload
    • Accountability, certified Billing
    • Customization, sales, validation and inspection
    • Operation on the bus, shop, agent, tax, @home
    • Operation planning and monitoring
    • Information and customer interaction
    • Reports

      For your customer

        Capture new customers by providing an experience with easy access to information. Make it easy to get tickets quickly and provide information about the planned and actual service. Ensure customer satisfaction by increasing the level of interaction.
      Key Features
      • Web, mobile and georeferenced information (services, schedules, real time, prices)
      • Acquisition of tickets in different media (paper, mobile cards)
      • Bank payment with card or mobile
      • Service Notifications
      • Record of Occurrences and Feedback
      • Survey response
      • Gamification

        Technological features

        4TICKETING Mobility Suite

        General features For more detailed information see 4Ticketing Front-Office and 4Ticketing Back-office