Transportation & Mobility | 4TICKETING - Back-Office

Core Back-office

Configuration, Reporting, Invoicing
  • Modular Back-office solution, based on Excel flexible user interface and highly performing database access;
  • Users authentication, profiles and privileges;
  • Transport Network Topology, Locations, Zoning, O/D;
  • Services, Vehicles, Drivers and Schedules;
  • Products, Tariffs, Calendars, Prices, Discounts, Campagins, Sales and Validation Rules, Fares Management;
  • Customers, Cards, Lists and Credits;
  • Sales, Validations, Inspections, Shifts Management and Reporting;
  • Integrated with O/D and Clearing Engine;
  • Optional add-on to ERP;

Clearing Engine

O/D Reconstruction, Clearing
  • Modular Back-office add-on for Clearing of transactions and Origin/Destination travel reconstruction;
  • Origin/Destination Matrix Inference;
  • Quality validations, Create journey segment;
  • Build O/D matrix and distances per journey segment;
  • O/D related analysis;
  • Transaction verification and certification using Security Suite;
  • Travel O/D-based multi-operator Revenue Clearing;

Security Suite

Security Management, SAM Server
  • Remote SAM-Farm for Issuing, Reloading, Validation;
  • Management of SAM
  • SAM Query, Activity Log, SAM Re-ceiling, Heart-beat;
  • Transactions Verification and Credits Conciliation;
  • Integration with Asset Management and Supervision;


Device Management, Monitoring, Collection
  • Middle layer between back-office and terminals to operationally manage and monitor the system;
  • Extension to Off-the-shelf market Mobile Device Management platform (MDM);
  • Terminal Connectivity and Real-Time management;
  • Software Versions and Data Distribution;
  • Data Collection and Synchronization;
  • Remote Operation;
  • Security and SAM Management;
  • Location, Reporting;