About us

Company Profile

Card4B was born after the identification of the need for solutions towards a "new culture of mobility" in urban centers, and is focused on providing software components and expert services for Integrated Mobility solutions and city-services, such as Public Transport, On-street and Off-street Parking, Tolls, Taxis, Car-sharing, Bike-sharing, On-demand transportation, Schools, Libraries, Pools, Stadium, Museum, among others. Card4B develops and operates Integrated Mobility solutions through interoperable contactless ticketing, passenger information, embedded systems and smartphones, systems integration and business intelligence. The approach is based on the Ticketing Kernel concept to dialogue between all types of terminals and the customer media (e.g. cards).

Team Evolution

During nearly 20 years our team members have been developing projects and new concepts for interoperable ticketing systems. In 2007 Card4B was created and in 2010 merged with YouMove, joining the two teams towards providing the best expertize, experience and modular software solutions the market.

Growing with our Customers and Partners

Since its foundation in 2007 Card4B has been growing expressively and consistently every year, in a sustainable way, by extending its team, widening the scope of services covered, improving the set of available software solutions, and most off all, being in line with our customers’ growth, and in association with the right partners, for each project.

Our growth has given us the chance to develop projects that support customers’ activities, but also R&D projects, both at National and International levels, giving the opportunity not only to put our solutions at the customers’ service, but also to innovate everyday on these solutions, targeting future solutions on a mid-term vision.