Transportation & Mobility | 4TICKETING - Front-office


Sales, Validation and Inspection for Mobile and Portable devices
  • Sales, Validation, Inspetion and Payment Applications;
  • Multi Operating System;
  • Based on Ticketing Kernel;
  • Off-line or On-line modes;
  • For PDA Sales and Bank Payment on Tourist Buses, PDA and Smartphone Saes, Validation & Inspection, Smartphone Sales for Newspaper kiosk agents;
  • Configuration TK Manager Editor;
  • Based on Agile Development Framework;

Office POS

Issuing and Sales for Desktop devices
  • Customer Support, Personalization and Sales;
  • Card and Lists Management;
  • Cashier and Shifts;
  • Driver Accounts Conciliation;
  • For POS touch screen and keyboard, authentication;
  • Off-line and Mixed mode;
  • Configuration TK Manager;

Bus POS and Validator

Sales and Validation for On-board devices
  • Bus POS
    • On-board Sales, Validation and Payment Application;
    • Multi Operating System;
    • Based on Ticketing Kernel;
    • For Driver Console or PDA/Tablet with integrated or modular Printer and Reader;
    • Configuration TK Manager;
  • Fixed Validator
    • Embedded Validation Application;
    • Multi Operating System;
    • Based on Ticketing Kernel;
    • For Fixed Validators, Parking Meters, Off-street Parking, Station Gates, Turnstiles;
    • Configuration TK Manager;

Cloud Server POS

Sales and Validation for Cloud server
  • Remote Reloading of Customer Media over Internet and Mobile;
  • Based on Ticketing Kernel Server remote Web Service;
  • Client Proxies for Portal Web Browser, NFC Phones, TVM, Parking Machine and Banking ATM;
  • Support for Contact and Contactless readers;
  • Connection to remote SAM-Farm Web Service;