Transportation & Mobility | 4OPERATIONS


Resource Organizer for Intelligent Transport Systems

Solution for operational management of vehicles and drivers, with support for:

  • Dispatching
  • Driver kiosk
  • Gatekeeping
  • Vehicle washing and parking
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Notifications
  • Eco Drive
  • Time Driver ABC cost analysis
  • EBSF compatibility
  • Vehicle and “human factor” sensors


Real Time Tracking

Mobile and web based solution for real time tracking of vehicles and teams (using smartphones), with support for:

  • Real time tracking based on GPS (from smartphones or onboard equipment)
  • Search past routes
  • Control of arrival times to pre-defined points
  • Maps and line diagram real time monitoring
  • Integration with the 4TEAMS solutions for real time teams management based on a smartphone
  • Integration with external systems


Teams Real Time Tracking

Real time tracking of vehicles and teams based on an android smartphone. The solution supports:

  • Real time tracking based on the GPS of a smartphone
  • Start and End of service (control of work hours with GPS coordinates)
  • Exchange of messages with teams using a smartphone
  • Control of arrival and departure times on pre-defined points
  • Support for public transport operations, inspection teams, maintenance teams, tourism animation GPS monitoring, and other outdoor activities that require real time tracking and management