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Ticketing Kernel & Editor

Modular Interoperability
  • Multi-service interoperability embedded software framework;
  • Covers all Automatic Ticketing and Fare Collection (ATFC) functions: Issuing, Sales, Validation, Control.
  • Multiple customer-facing media technologies (e.g. Calypso, Mifare, NFC, QR-code, BLE, bankcards).
  • Business rules layer to support multi card-schemas and data-models.
  • For any terminal, from Validator, to Driver ticketing machine, Office touch PC, PDA, Bank POS, Tablets, Smartphone
  • Runs on multi operating system (e.g. Windows Mobile, Android, Linux, iOS)
  • Runs on remote server accessed by web or mobile apps (cloud ticketing).
  • Data Model' Studio Editor and Interpreted Engine for interoperability tests and certification
  • Complemented by “Office for Ticketing” tools, including excel based TK Manager tool that generates TKD configuration (compact XML), Back-office management and reporting tools, compatible with Excel and Office 365